Shay’s Poetry and Writing Workshops

Poetry and Creative Writing Workshops

Workshops are one of my favourite ways of sharing my love of writing and, apart from those that I create for myself, I am always happy to develop new bespoke workshops groups, schools or organisations.  Please allow at least 4 weeks for the development of bespoke workshops.

All workshops are suitable for adults and young people and in the list below I have indicated the appropriate key stages for schools. Workshops can also be tailored to suit those with different needs (I have considerable experience of working with young people with different needs).

II am also happy to work alongside group leaders, teachers or facilitators to prepare bespoke workshops (please book bespoke workshops at least 4 weeks in advance to allow time for development).

Current Workshops include:

  • I’m not supposed to be here – (KS3/4/Adult) – writers learn to metaphorically put themselves into alien situations to inform new writing. The session aims to encourage writers to see beyond personal experience and, using their own skills and personalities, broaden their creative range
  • The power of poetry – (KS3/4/Adult) – poetry can convey our stories, ideas and emotions with great power, this workshop guides and inspires new writers with handy techniques to create writing full of power and feeling
  • Where imagination begins – (KS2/3/4) – using a mixture of classic and new writing along with simple interactive group exercises and role-play to inspire young people to create new writing
  • The worlds inside my head (KS2/3/4/Adult) – using objects and images to stimulate creative ideas and create and perform short poems about the worlds inside our heads
  • High Speed Haiku (KS4/Adult) – introducing the Haiku form, its origins, history and “rules” and developing new work on a range of traditional and non-traditional themes
  • In my own voice (KS3/4/Adult) – helping developing writers to trust and believe in their own voice with examples from well known poets
  • Writing to order (KS4/Adult) – workshop focusing on techniques to help writers to be both creative and productive Whilst still meeting the requirements of a brief
  • Sketching with words (KS4/Adult) – workshop focusing on the tools and techniques used to record people, events, places and thoughts for use in our writing and then creating new writing from those collected word sketches

Workshops are all normally delivered over a period of 2 hours although they can also be delivered in as little as an hour (for experienced writers), they can be split over multiple sessions or they can be linked together with additional exercises and thematic developments to run as a series of workshops.

Most workshops include an introduction with examples, discussion, idea development and lots of opportunity for the participants to be creative with role play where appropriate. In some cases participants are encouraged, by their school or group, to prepare some work in advance of the session to be shared after the workshop which is a great way to encourage and develop confidence.

Where participants are involved in reading out loud and performing I am happy to provide audio recordings for the organiser/group to use or distribute subject to the agreement of participants.

For pricing of these workshops and bespoke sessions and to make bookings please contact me at:


Twitter: @onepoetsvision